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Pacman Jones Arrested Again

Posted By : admin Jun-11-2013 10:06 am

Cincinatti cornerback Pacman Jones has been arrested again for battery. Jones turned himself in and was released while an investigation is going on. According to Pacman, while standing outside a bar, two drunk women approached him for a picture. After declining, one woman threw a beer bottle at Jones. he retaliated by slapping her across the face. Jones argues that he acted in self defense and I think he finally has a good case here. Jones NFL career was plagued by off the field legal issues. He was arrested numerous times and was even suspended by the NFL for his unprofessional off the field behavior. Trouble seems to find Pacman no matter where he goes. Hopefully he was the victim in this case.


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    Commented By:- seeskapeeska on Jun 12 2013

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    Commented By:- jordangoat on Jun 12 2013

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